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1 of Basim's favorite poems

Mr. Pate's Barbershop
By Major Jackson

I remember the room in which he held
a blade to my neck & scraped the dark
hairs foresting a jawline: stacks of Ebonys
& Jets, clippings of black boxers --
Joe Frazier, Jimmy Young, Jack Johnson --
the color television bolted to
a ceiling like the one I watched all night
in a waiting room at St. Joseph's
while my cousin recovered from gunshots.
I remember the old Coke machine, a water
fountain by the door, how I drank
the summer of '88 over & over from a paper
cone cup & still could not quench my thirst,
for this was the year funeral homes boomed,
the year Mr. Pate swept his own shop
for he had lost his best little helper Squeaky
to cross fire. He suffered like most barbers
suffered, quietly, his clippers humming so loud
he forgot Ali's lightning left jab, his love
for angles, for carpentry, for baseball. He forgot
everything & would never be the same.
I remember the way the blade gleamed
fierce in the fading light of dusk & a reflection
of myself panned inside the razor's edge
wondering if I could lay down my pen, close up
my ledgers & my journals, if I could undo
my tie & take up barbering where
months on end a child's head would darken
at my feet & bring with it the uncertainty
of tomorrow, or like Mr. Pate gathering
clumps of fallen hair, at the end of a day,
in short, delicate whisks as though
they were the fine findings of gold dust
he'd deposit in a jar & place on a shelf, only
to return Saturdays, collecting, as an antique dealer
collects, growing tired, but never forgetting
someone has to cherish these tiny little heads.
Black Flag Parody


People here are so funny, there's a threat of maybe an inch of snow and the city gets shut down. I heard they were thinking of shutting a highway down. Maybe Texan snowflakes are swol?

This trip has been important, I think it's proven to me how different cities can be. Houston is so sprawling, and they call the south west SWAT, like the valley in Pakistan. There's something about the artists in Texas, I think a lot of the myths from the Frontier and the West of America went on to inform the culture. It's why there's so many stories of the reformed outlaw, the lone gunslinger, the mysterious guy with the harmonica who can shoot with deadly accuracy. In someways you can still see the reformed outlaw character in hiphop or country music. It's Waylon Jennings, or even to some extent Jay Z. If you think about it, Tupac and Johnny Cash were both really repentent and solidly religious.

I was watching Once Upon a time in the West yesterday, and it struck me that fuck, this place was a pind not too long ago. This whole area was a pind, with a singular railroad system, where most of the crime had to do with usurping land on the railroad lines.

That's part of the plot of this western, even Blazing Saddles parodied it. I found the real rock ridge 2 tours ago, it's a gated community near Lake Tahoe (which will hearby be refered to as the 9th ring of Dante's Inferno). But anyhow, land grabbing. We don't really remember all the land that must've been usurped and stolen. I'd like to pour out some liquor in its memory.
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Black Flag Parody

Even his eyebrows were shaved

I will title this either even his eyebrows were shaved, or strange and marvelous copy.

This gem is from the Lahore city desk at Daily Times

Even his eyebrows were Shaved

By (Omitted)

LAHORE: To become a prominent among others remains a dilemma for both man and women and for this purpose they don't leave any stone unturned to maintain their personality.
Usually the female remains in inferiority complex that are gaining wait or don't have a matching shoes and jewelry according to their dressing and makeup but in this advance era the male are not legging behind with females in looking handsome and jolly.
It's a natural phenomena that female mind strictly if someone express astonish on her age which she disclosed under a malicious smile but in case of male every one laugh even on a thirty years old man if he has become bald. The charm in his life becomes an ends when he become hairless in early thirty and some time he remains in tension that may be he could get marry with a fairy with this bald.

But now, the development in science and technology make it very easy to become smart by exercising in gyms or using herbal medicine. The newly established hair transplant hospitals in Pakistan also resolve the problems of the blades to remain in tension.
Interesting thing is that after former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and Punjab chief minister Mian Shahbaz Sharif, a PPP legislator from Faisalabad Raja Riaz Ahmad has had a hair transplant and now a day he was trying for losing his weight at least up to fifteen pounds in an attempt to trim down.
Although Mr Riaz spend an amount of Rs 1,35000 for his hair transplant and are too much happy that after one and half month he would look like a fresh graduate and move in the society arrogantly.

May be after seeing the smartness and beauty of Mr Raja the other assembly members like law minister Muhammad Basharrat Raja, Minister for Information Technology Muhammad Aleem Khan, Rai Ejaz Ahmad, Hussnain Jehanian Gerdezi, Chaudhry Asghar Ali Gujar and Brig (R) Muhammad Hassan and other may be think for hair transplant but Raja Riaz should remain careful.
Nothing could be say about his matrimonial life as may be he on the request of his beloved wife has had a hair transplant but he should remember the case happened with deputy opposition leader in Punjab Assembly Rana Sanaullah Khan.
On March 08, 2003, Mr Khan suddenly disappeared from his house and when he was returned he was shaved. Even his eyebrows were also shaved. So Mr Raja should avoid giving any statement at the floor of the house, which hurt some one and in retaliation the affectee become him bald again.
The other thing, if the male can spend a huge amount of their beautification when how we can deprive the women for their right to look charming. No could understand it that why Sheikh Alauddin of PML during his budget speech floated the idea that the women should stop the use of gold ornament and prefer the austerity as the things used by the women are much costly and some time the man pay 1000 per cent profit to a shopkeeper on the article of women use.
Although his idea wass not bad but it would be injustice with the women that they would deprive from gold which wass their weakness. But Mr Din should remember that at any time of difficulty it were the women who donate their gold ornaments for the charity. Chief of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Imran Khan know it well that how much gold ornaments he collect from even college students and house hold wives in donation for the construction of Shaukat Khanum Hospital. Likewise whenever the calamity hit the country it were the women who first came into the field to donate her gold ornament because she know that she don't have any this despite a gold chain and a ring.
Likewise when ever a family becomes in crisis it were the women to give their gold ornaments to the male members for sale to meet the expenditure and run a new business.
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Tonight we're headed up to Montreal for the Taqwacore premier at the 38th Montreal Festival du Nouveau Cinema. Kinda psyched, we're playing the party tomorrow at midnight in Maple city. Also got an interview with George Romero on Saturday.

Here's my third podcast for Basim's Goth Hour, this one is the Afro-Punk edition. Hope y'all like it:
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Its been a while, probably haven't sent a message out to you in ... for/ever. But we're playing tonight. Your favorite desi post-colonial punks.

And we're on tour from Boston. More dates here, and on our myspace.

OAKLAND Aug 1st, The Stork's Club!
2330 Telegraph Ave
Oakland, CA 94612-2421


August 4th, Tuesday - Preview Show
Tuesday Night Cafe @7:30 pm
Aratani Courtyard/Union Center for the Arts
120 Judge John Aiso St., Los Angeles, California 90012
Free show!
All ages!!

August 5th, Wednesday
Silver Factory Studios @ 10pm
915 Mateo st. Downtown Los Angeles CA 90021
21 +

August 6th, Thursday
El Centro Cultural de Mexico @ 9:30pm
310 W 5th Street, Santa Ana, CA 92701
All Ages!
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NEW 9000 miles

Hey lj buddies. Please check this out!

NEW 9000 miles.


“Do I strive for a hustle, when time slinks and snails it’s way by”
ran my thoughts in Chicago, remember how we slept in parking spaces that night,
searching for Noble Drew, our brain synapses fried.
Dear heart, pound less, this rib aint caged to confine,

How can I swim 9,000 miles
I’m 9,000 miles away from home

Lying in a ditch, I hung my eyes off the crescent
I rubbed the bristles on my chin, where do I begin?
Mere moments away from doomsday,
I see the tipping of the scale,
you knew how I would fare,
So why did you test me, when all you really wanted,
was to singe me

There’s almost no line,
between fear and love,
sometimes I’m made of fire,
sometimes i’m made of mud
But I, But I
hold my own on my own here,
still barely holding on