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Jihadi Pastrami!
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Thursday, June 29th, 2006

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The wordsmith Chisholm told me I was suave today. Suave, yes, but horribly clumsy. Is there a single word that means both? I need an epithet that fits....
Bell Hollow
Bell Hollow was really freaking awesome. I catagorize most of the music from the 80s in two ways, warm like Tinderbox by Siouxsie and cold like Depeche Mode/New Order's entire career. Bell Hollow were fucking warm and gooey... with a very growly bass and drum grinding out these tribal loops, and Greg F. sprinking melodies over it. You can tell Greg is a vet of the 80s because of the strange ways he gets his Les Paul (a fairly straight ahead rock guitar, might I add) to sound so drastically different from part to part. He pulled out an ebow, a bow, slide, and really got the most out of his instrument. A lot of revival bands rely on a caricaturized impression of the decade they're apeing. But the 80s produced a lot of innovative guitarists, the most compelling of which were the Post Punks. That's why Post Punk revival bands can leave me frustrated. They're a cliff notes version of a life altering text. Bell Hollow is the next chapter in that text. Plus, their vocalist did a lot of mic tricks that I wasn't aware of.. in one outro he cupped his hands around the mix head yielding a very "walkie talkie" effect on whatever he sand into it. I had reservations about him at first, but I'm an honest to goodness fan now. Amber Spyglass were better than I remembered them way back when too. Their new bassist adds a lot. That guy's a monster. Blah, I'm so busy.. I wish I had more tiem to write about my evening!

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