punkistani (punkistani) wrote,

NEW 9000 miles

Hey lj buddies. Please check this out!


NEW 9000 miles.


“Do I strive for a hustle, when time slinks and snails it’s way by”
ran my thoughts in Chicago, remember how we slept in parking spaces that night,
searching for Noble Drew, our brain synapses fried.
Dear heart, pound less, this rib aint caged to confine,

How can I swim 9,000 miles
I’m 9,000 miles away from home

Lying in a ditch, I hung my eyes off the crescent
I rubbed the bristles on my chin, where do I begin?
Mere moments away from doomsday,
I see the tipping of the scale,
you knew how I would fare,
So why did you test me, when all you really wanted,
was to singe me

There’s almost no line,
between fear and love,
sometimes I’m made of fire,
sometimes i’m made of mud
But I, But I
hold my own on my own here,
still barely holding on
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