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People here are so funny, there's a threat of maybe an inch of snow and the city gets shut down. I heard they were thinking of shutting a highway down. Maybe Texan snowflakes are swol?

This trip has been important, I think it's proven to me how different cities can be. Houston is so sprawling, and they call the south west SWAT, like the valley in Pakistan. There's something about the artists in Texas, I think a lot of the myths from the Frontier and the West of America went on to inform the culture. It's why there's so many stories of the reformed outlaw, the lone gunslinger, the mysterious guy with the harmonica who can shoot with deadly accuracy. In someways you can still see the reformed outlaw character in hiphop or country music. It's Waylon Jennings, or even to some extent Jay Z. If you think about it, Tupac and Johnny Cash were both really repentent and solidly religious.

I was watching Once Upon a time in the West yesterday, and it struck me that fuck, this place was a pind not too long ago. This whole area was a pind, with a singular railroad system, where most of the crime had to do with usurping land on the railroad lines.

That's part of the plot of this western, even Blazing Saddles parodied it. I found the real rock ridge 2 tours ago, it's a gated community near Lake Tahoe (which will hearby be refered to as the 9th ring of Dante's Inferno). But anyhow, land grabbing. We don't really remember all the land that must've been usurped and stolen. I'd like to pour out some liquor in its memory.
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