Black Flag Parody


I wrote a really long entry on the Taqwacores Webzine, which is what I'd probably upload for now.

There's a rendition of a classic kirtan, that was recorded in Scotland about the Sufi martyr Bhai Mati Das, who was killed by the moghul emperor Aurenzeb. And thoughts on death and poetry.

The entry is called "Better than a thousand years as a jackass".

Please read it, bookmark the site, and comment.
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Black Flag Parody

A great review on YellowBuzz

Wendy, the writer behind Yellow Buzz - a punk/noise and diaspora blog, reviewed Wild nights and it's probably the best writing on the album I've come across. It was cool, she came up from the South, interviewed us, went to Maine to record with her noise/punk band, and came back down for our basement show in Lowell. She's fantastic.

She actually wrote about the music! This is a first. And she sat down with all of us and spoke as an equal. It's about time someone sat down and reported things accurately, and meaningfully.
Black Flag Parody

Basement Show on the 15th in Lowell

We'll be playing some new sh!t, so make it up.

From the mouth of Nick (of Sinbusters):

"So the show starts at 8:00 at my apartment at 16 plymouth street. So far the bands playing are:

Ralph Eats Dynamite
Los Bungalitos
The Kominas!
& the Big Sway (probably).

Hetfield and Hetfield might also play.

Tell your minions to keep inside the house and park discreetly in the parking lot as to not make our house look like a crazy party target for the cops who patrol our street."
Black Flag Parody

To POC's in T-dot

Our girl, Sena is looking for a geetarist and bassist.

"I want to re-start my band, Secret Trial Five
in Toronto.. I have found a drummer, and we need someone who plays
guitar to actually get started.. We are also looking for someone who
plays bass.


My band:
We are a Taqwacore (muslim punk) band, started in 2006 in Vancouver.
We play politically conscious punk, and focus on topics such as
islamophobia, racism, sexism, imperialism, war, etc.

You don't need to be an expert, it's a punk band. I'd prefer muslims
and/or POCs, but you know, whatever..

Also, let me know if you know anyone you think I should get in touch
with about this, any listservs I should be posting this on, any
connections you have, if you're going to a punk show in the near
future and need company, etc. etc.

K thanks!
Black Flag Parody

Track hunting

Does anyone have a copy of "Big trouble in little asia" by Hustlers HC (from UK). Old track, haven't heard it in a bit. Fire it over to basim dot usmani at gmail dot com .

I'm leaving in a few days for NYC via Doha. The gig looks exciting, almost makes me overlook my expenses. Maybe we'll "move some units". Just a few more sleepless nights and I'm out.